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904L 12mm DIA X 100mm Long 3EA R 10.50
904L 20mm DIA X 280mm Long 2EAR 86.52 
904L25mm DIA X 295mm Long EA R 195.93 
904L 30mm DIA X 110mm Long 1EA R 83.13 
904L 50mm DIA X 140mm Long 10EAR 253.12 
904L24mm AF X 325mm Long - Hex Bar 1EA R 236.60 
2205 16mm DIA X 280mm Long 1EA R 43.09 
C2766.35mm DIA X 340mm Long 1EA R 69.50 
C276 44.45mm DIA X 50mm Long EAR 349.97 
C27650.8mm DIA X 25mm Long 1EAR 240.49 
C276 50.8mm DIA X 50mm Long 1EAR 480.98 
Alloy 400 25mm DIA X 100mm Long 1EAR 231.85 
Alloy 40025mm DIA X 120mm Long 1EA R 278.22 
Alloy 400 25mm DIA X 140mm Long EAR 324.59 
Alloy 40025mm DIA X 160mm Long EAR 370.96 
Alloy 400 25mm DIA X 325mm Long 1EA R 753.50 
Alloy 800 35mm DIA X 40mm Long 1EA R 66.05 
Titanium Grade 2 101.6mm DIA X 20mm Long 1EA R 421.22 
Titanium Grade 225mm DIA X 30mm Long1EAR 45.30
Alloy 330 44.45mm DIA X 3 Metres Long EA R5263.00 

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Available Alloy Types